Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation



Communications/Political Action Committee (CPAC) & Educational Services Committee

The purpose of the Communications & Political Action Committee is to advise and assist the District and Bargaining Units on matters concerning political activity, including lobbying government and political parties on matters of concern to members.  The CPAC also assists the District in developing communications and public relations strategies, and promotes the pride and contributions of members throughout the community.  

The role of the Educational Services Committee is to promote professional activity by making the members aware of educational and training opportunities available to them, and to plan and organize professional learning opportunities based on the needs of members.


Health & Safety

The purpose of this committee is to represent the District on the Board Advisory Health and Safety Committee.  Members also ensure that D28 members’ rights, duties, and responsibilities under the Ontario Health and Safety Act are being met, and to identify potential hazards or dangers within schools and to recommend corrective action.


Human Rights & Status of Women

The role of this committee is to monitor, advise, and take action around issues related to human rights and status of women.  This includes providing a forum for the discussion of issues and establishing local goals.


TBU/OTBU Collective Bargaining Committee

The role of this committee is to determine the needs and concerns of teachers in order to inform the proposed collective agreement and the negotiations process.  This committee also reviews potential contract offers, negotiations procedures, and communicates to the TBU around benefits.